Painting Portraits

New Online Course For Absolute Beginners

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Hi, I'm Markus Philipp


About Markus Philipp


Teaching all kind of persons to get them the confidence to paint everthing they like to paint, freely and colorful!


For Who Is This Course Made For ?

Even if you think you have "no talent" in drawing or painting, let me show you how to believe and improve on your existing ability.

Even if you feel that you're stuck in your painting skills, let me show you how you can break the chain of doubt.

Even if you like your own style and want to learn my

approach on how to paint a portrait.

Or just the desire to learn to paint and you have no clue

how to start

What You Get

Flexible Online Training

We will cover the most important topics that will bring you into the position to paint a portrait more freely. This requires a flexible plan and reaction to your needs. You need a helping hand, here it


Custom driven content

The first 20 participants of this course will co-create the schedule and instruction structure. This will help customize the content closer to a beginner level so that everyone can follow and repeat the course more easily.

Replay on demand

I know that not every time when a livestream takes place you’re online with us. For this

reason, you get UNLIMITED access to the course recordings. You can learn at

your own speed and repeat a session or portion over again.

You Will Learn

That's What I Like To Teach You

4 Colors PalettePortrait Painting
Live Sketching 13In the tube, daily
Live Sketching 12In the tube, daily
Live Sketching 11In the tube, daily

What People Say

"At the beginning I was pretty sceptical because I didn’t believe I could paint or draw. But Markus showed me how easy it is…by following a few simple rules. Now I can say that painting is my new favourite hobby!!"


Farah F. Royer

Hobby painter (NY)

"For myself I can say that I was stucked in my drawing and painting routines, But now Markus showed me how to find new perspectives and ways to develop and improve my new style.

Brian McCurry