The truth of a shape cannot end with the representation of the surface.....

curriculum vitae

1963 born

2004 - 2008    Palma de Mallorca

2001 - 2021 Software-Engineer

since 2014 additionaly I'm working as an artist

2014 - 2019 Studio Engl-Ateliers

2019 -current Studio Schwabing / Freimann


2020 Gallery Stilhaus, Panker und Hamburg

2020 ARTMUC Artfair, October, Isarforum Munich

2020 ARTMUC Artfair, May, Isarforum Munich

2019 ARTMUC Artfair, October, Praterinsel Munich

2019 ARTMUC Artfair, May, Praterinsel Munich

2019 Gallery Stilhaus, Panker

2019 Gallery Stilhaus, Hamburg

2018 ARTMUC Artfair, Praterinsel Munich

2018 Open Studios at Engl-Ateliers, Munich

2017 ARTMUC Artfair, Praterinsel München

2017 Open Studios at Engl-Ateliers, Munich

2016 Open Studios at Engl-Ateliers, Munich

2016 Art& Cut, Freising


The truth of a shape cannot end with the representation of the surface. The composition of the human body in its surroundings was and is the driving force to which I have been dedicating attention for years. By superimposing layers of sharpness and blurring, the viewer has the opportunity to search for his own truth.

Time also gnaws at the apparition and constantly forms overlapping planes. Oblivion is a process whose existence leads away from us, leads to ideal images and thus has a destructive influence on one's own identity, thus killing off our further development.

My works discuss the question of the image, which we compare in the constant canon to our ideal images and whose identity we thus follow.

Our environment, the people around us, with whom we deal with on a daily basis, transfer us from one self to another in relation to the respective context. We find ourselves at the mercy of this behaviour, whether we like it or not.

Just as we put on a different mask depending on the circumstances, this makes it seem more interesting or more important. Sometimes this mask works so well that the underlying personality is obscured by feelings, doubts and fears in immediate contradiction and declared a side issue.

With my works, I would like to impose my view of the world on the viewer, not by force, but with freedom to tear down my own mask through contemplation.

Every line, every line tells a story until it ends and I hope the story never ends.